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© HennaCon/Henna Caravan

Photography © Liza James, 

David Brand, Danielle Segui, Andre Reinders 

Henna Con

Sponsored by

Henna Caravan

Hosted by Henna Caravan,

Flavia and Jessica McQueen


When to Arrive

Thursday: We strongly recommend arriving on Thursday so you are rested and ready to learn on Friday morning! There will be a mixer and some get-to-know-eachother activities Thursday evening.

Hotel check-in begins at 3PM

Conference Check In, Thursday 4:00-8:30 PM

Hotel Check-In begins at 3PM

Conference Check-In begins 4PM to 8:30PM

Pick up your: Conference T-Shirt available by pre-order, Name Tag (required to be worn all weekend) Swag Bag, and Resource Book.

Go Swimming

Join the Meet & Greet 6PM-8PM

Go out to dinner with new friends

Meet & Greet Mixer, Thursday 6:00-7:30PM

After checking in join Carissa McQueen from 6-7:30 PM for some fun get-to-know-you activities. This is designed for those that want to start the fun early or a bit SHY and need some help meeting new friends.

Theme Color for 2019 is BLUE! Turquoise and Cobalt

Every year we choose a theme color for t-shirts, decorations, and fun little extras. Lots of people even dress in the special color! This years color is Turquoise and Cobalt

Friday, begin 9:00 AM

Orientation and Welcome at 9AM 

Classes begin at 10AM 

Classes end at 6-7PM 

Dinner will be served compliments of HennaCon

Join us for the evening Pajama Henna  Jam, wear your Conference Tshirt and come draw! 8PM-Midnight.

Saturday, begin 9:00 AM

Classes begin at 9AM

Classes end at 6-7PM

Dinner is complimentary

8PM-Midnight Cake, Henna Bingo and Henna Jam

Sunday, begin 9:00 AM

Classes begin at 9AM

Classes end at 6-7PM

It's no fun to leave early to catch a flight so why not just travel home on Monday!? Many attendees stay Sunday night to continue the fun and relax. Grab a bite of dinner together and chill out with a few henna cones. 

Class Sign Ups

Nope! We figure you know your needs best and those might change through out the weekend. Feel free to check out a class and come and go as you need (just try not to disrupt others if you join late or leave early)

We do require advanced sign-ups for the break-out sessions, these are short 30 minute focus groups.

Class Schedule

The weekend class schedule is usually ready the week of the event! We will blast it out when finalized. Review class descriptions and create your own personal weekend schedule. Adjust it as needed, add, delete, come and go or relax by the pool. This is your weekend so design it to suit your needs!

Break-out Mini Classes

We offer unique Break-Out mini sessions twice during the conference.

These are short 30 minute sessions with 1 instructor and a limit of 10 students for a focused Q&A.

Sign Up is required for break-outs. 


Henna Caravan will provide ALL the supplies necessary for the weekend!

We do not allow any outside henna paste products, etc to be used. ONLY Henna Caravan paste/products supplied fresh each day may be used for safety and liability reasons. This insures that all henna used during the event is of the highest quality possible and made with excellent and safe ingredients.

Are there special supplies you MUST HAVE to henna happily? Bring them along! like:

  • binder clips

  • lap desk/pillow

  • lamp/light for evening work in dim light

  • syringe, jacquard or luer bottles

Henna Caravan Pop Up Shop will be open all weekend if you need to grab something, we've got you covered!


Conference T-Shirts are available to purchase when you order your event ticket.

Friday Night is Pajama Henna Jam! Throw on your conference t-shirt and pajama pants and join us to henna the night away!

Hotel Roommates

Keep costs down and go with rommates! 4 people per room with 2 Queen Beds brings the nightly total to about $35 each - what a bargain!  


Includes a complimentary breakfast buffet.


The henna community is a really friendly bunch. Most folks opt to share hotel rooms to keep costs low. Visit our Facebook Page to connect with others and find roommates.   


LAX, Los Angeles International Airport is 50 miles South of us and busy busy busy.  It's probably best for International and East Coast travelers. You'll need to allow time for traffic and some extra time for security.

Burbank Airport is 45 miles, small, easy and convenient. It's a no hassle airport with very little traffic.

The Amtrak Train has a station IN the parking lot of Burbank Airport.

Connect with others on our Facebook group to coordinate van pool or shared car rides


We have over 40 classes, workshops, lectures or demos scheduled.

There are several classes at each time slot and we try to have them at different skill levels. We know it's hard to choose but we try to divide by skill level so there will be something for everyone at each slot. 


We are immensely proud of the talented artists that have joined with us to create not just an amazing weekend but an amazing community.

The Instructors at Henna Con are professional artists, researchers or business owners in the body art field that graciously give their time, energy, and knowledge.


They donate time, energy and expertise to this weekend. Please respect that many have traveled a long distance as well and will need breaks and down time to rest or enjoy learning at the conference too!

I want to be an Instructor

Instructors applications are accepted October-January.


We have an open call for instructors immediately following the conference. Please submit your application with all pertinent details, title, course synopsis, and your qualifications, deadline is February.

We have a stringent review process with a 5 person panel. Professionalism, dedication, and expertise are critical. We will compare your proposal to our current offerings, and review your portfolio/website/facebook gallery. The most qualified, well-prepared, unique and professional individuals will be chosen to present at the conference. Preference is given to past instructors and community members that have spent time and energy supporting the Henna Con  and Henna community. 


Complimentary Meals Friday Dinner, Saturday Dinner.  Each with a vegetarian and carnivore option. 


Lunches are on your own - Boxed Lunches for $12 are available by preorder when you check in with HennaCon staff. The hotel shopping center has several restaurant options from fast food to sit down style and a Ralphs Grocery Store.

The hotel has a great Pub with a nice lunch special too.

Breakfast Buffet included with Hotel Reservation.


Hotel Rooms all have a mini fridge and microwave so feel free to bring snacks or groceries.


HennaCon is run solely on a volunteer basis.  If you are interested in volunteering and helping to support this amazing community event please email us. We usually fill the 2-3 major volunteer positions 1 year in advance. We will ask for volunteer help and assistance with small tasks closer to the event.

We look for very organized, self directed people that are willing to do things 'our way' and follow directions.


Volunteers volunteer their time out of generosity and a spirit of community.

There are 2 full time volunteer positions that are available to return attendees in work for trade.

Work for Trade

We offer 2 work for trade positions for the weekend, these are reserved for repeat attendees that understand the huge task we need help with.

This event is 100% not for profit and all support and organizational staff are volunteer.

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