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© HennaCon/Henna Caravan

Photography © Liza James, 

David Brand, Danielle Segui, Andre Reinders 

Henna Con

Sponsored by

Henna Caravan

Hosted by Henna Caravan,

Flavia and Jessica McQueen


Monthly Mini Meet Up




First Wednesday of the Month


Henna Caravan Studio

Camarillo, California

Join us at Henna Caravan Head Quarters

for a little mini meet up

to share, practice, chat & henna! 



Please RSVP here


We've gotten a lot of requests to host a meet-up so local henna artists, enthusiasts, and beginners can get to know each other!

We have been inspired by Connie Tu's monthly meet ups in England and are hoping to build on her ideas!

Join us for a casual gathering to share and practice!




Winter is the perfect time for us to get in a little practice and keep our skills on point until the summer season.

Get to know area artists to network and build friendships.

Practice skills and develop as artists.




1. This is not an opportunity to recieve free henna, it is an opportunity to do and share henna.

2. Come ready to practice. Have a couple inspiration photos (saved on your phone) or styles you'd like to practice.

3. We request everyone come with an open mind and hands ready to PRACTICE!

4. All attendees shall be suppotive and kind to ona another, we reserve the right to refuse attendance to anyone for any reason.

5. All artwork created that is inspired by another artist is to be properly credited.

6. Henna Caravan will provide one fresh hand-crafted henna cone for each guest to use during the meet-up.

7. No personal/business promotions/soliciting.


8. ABSOLUTELY NO 'black henna', chemical henna, ppd, imported, mass produced, toxic henna paste allowed. We do not condone use of any premixed pastes imported from India/Pakistan, they are filled with unsafe ingredients for you and your clients. 


* If you bring your own henna paste it must be vetted and approved by a Henna Caravan team member.