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Photography © Liza James, 

David Brand, Danielle Segui, Andre Reinders 

Henna Con

Sponsored by

Henna Caravan

Hosted by Henna Caravan,

Flavia and Jessica McQueen


Over 40 classes are offered in 2018!
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced/Professional,  & Business classes

This is a 3 day immersion event and is packed to the brim with organized classes, small break-out classes, demos, and lots of time to visit, ask questions, network, practice, give and receive henna with world class professional artists and those just beginning their own henna journey.  


This weekend is designed to have something to offer for all skill levels, from the person that has NEVER used henna but wants to give it a try, to intermediate and advanced artists. 


Come and build skills, learn tips, tricks, techniques and lots of support and guidance on how to start and operate your own body art business.

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2017 schedule 


Thursday has no classes

Check in begins! 4:00 - 8:30

Mixer, Meet & Greet 6:30-8

Many people arrive on Thursday to be fresh and rested for Friday morning. “Welcome Liaisons” will be at the hotel to welcome you! Meet-up in the patio and hang out, grab a beverage and soak in the pool.  Buddy up and start the fun early!


Event Check in and an informal Mixer will take place tonight. 


9AM Welcome Orientation Workshops run 10AM till 7 PM

Dinner & Activities 7-Midnight 

Dinner provided

Followed by the Pajama Jam and Movie Night. 8-Midnight

The evening is filled with dinner, chat, and henna fun. LOTS of learning and connections are made in the evenings - they are FUN and informative!



Begins at 9:00 AM

Workshops run till 7 PM

Dinner & Activities 7-Midnight 

Dinner Provided

Followed with R&R Elephant Bar! This is our dress up night -  join us for some fun! 

HennaBingo, Prizes, Cake, our henna party night!

Learn, share, connect!


Begins at 9:00 AM

Workshops run till 6 PM


Leaving early is so sad! Make sure you book your flights for Monday morning so you can catch the full day of classes. The Henna flows all night long! 


Grab some friends for dinner and explore the town.


This is a hands on conference, you are encouraged to take notes, write, draw, or henna in classes and workshops. Get your muscle memory working by putting into practice what you’re learning!


Set your own schedule and your own pace, our goal is to offer as much as we can during the three days you are with us. We don’t schedule in a lot of breaks as they are ‘time wasters’. We encourage you to break as and when you need. You are the best judge what you need! Come and go from classes. Try one out, change your mind, go check out another class or relax on the patio and practice or grab a snack. Take breaks as you need! You know yourself best and what you require.


This is a hands on artform, please be brave and put some henna on some skin.

Draw a little ditty, wipe it off. Try it again, wipe it off, you’ll get it down. No big deal, we have all been brand new. We all get nervous, scared, worried, excited, or stressed out about drawing on people.


So! Regardless of your skill level, beginner or pro, we are coming together to learn, share, and DRAW. Get those nerves out of your way and make room for learning and skill building.’ll be fun! : )


Different Skill Levels = Different Class Levels

We recognize that everyone has different strengths, interests, and goals for this weekend.

To best suit everyone classes are divided into 3 types { Beginner } { Intermediate/Advanced } { Suitable for All Levels }


Two to three (or even four!) classes are offered at each time slot and at varied skill levels

This allows you to create a completely customized and personally designed 3 day workshop for yourself.