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David Brand, Danielle Segui, Andre Reinders 

Henna Con

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Henna Caravan

Hosted by Henna Caravan,

Flavia and Jessica McQueen


2019 Instructors

HennaCon is largely a volunteer event. These instructors generously donate their time, energy, and expertise to support the community and help each and every guest grow as an artist and business person. Our team of instructors are some of the most influential and experienced henna artists in the industry! Listen, learn, observe and enjoy this amazing group of talent that has come together just for YOU! 

Fatima Oulad Thami - Hand of Fatima, Prashanta - Divya Henna,

Victoria Welch - BlurBerry Buzz, Catherine Lent,

Hayley Sommers - Hennaesthetic, Heather Viers - Zenith Henna,

Rosemary May - Lady Glitter Entertainment, Anndelle Wubben,

Leah Reddell - Face Fiesta, Priyanka Jain - Henna Styles LLC,

Nikki 'Cricket' Rettman - The Artful Cricket Nadine Dafrawy - The Henna Project,

Michelle Schindler, Wendy Rover - Roving Horse Henna, Kim Brennan - Winnipeg Henna, Nimisha Lakhani - Henna Haven, Penni Al Zayer - The Henna Faerie, Henna Caravan Team 

Note: Lineup is subject to change
Fatima Oulad Thami, Hand of Fatima
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Teaching: ​

  • Fessi; the (he)art of Moroccan Henna

  •  Symbolism of the soul ( about the meanings of the symbols that I use both in traditional as signature style patterns

  • Serious Syringe Workout

  • Designs inspired by North African tattoo art

Fatima is a Moroccan henna artist living and working in Holland who specializes in sharing the traditions of Fessi henna.

When Fatima began exploring henna, over 20 years ago, she knew only of the authentic Moroccan style of her homeland, called Fessi. Moroccan henna techniques are unusual in that the henna is applied with a glass syringe or a stick.

Fatima studied Fessi Henna and focused on learning the origin, meaning, and history. This henna style has an organized structure, layout and space allocation characterized by the geometry, clean lines and abstract symbols. Fessi became her specialty and passion. Come and learn the beautiful traditions of Moroccan henna arts with Fatima.

Prashanta, Divya Henna
Chatsworth, California


  • Perfecting Your Portraiture

  • Flower Power

  • Back to Basics

  • Indian Bridal for Dummies (the Gori Girl’s Guide)


Prashanta discovered her love of art at a very early age, encouraged by her grandmother, who was a painter and crafter. After majoring in biology, fine arts, and Asian studies in college, Prashanta worked briefly as a professional medical illustrator, until the emerging trend toward computer-generated illustration prompted her to pursue more “hands on” creative endeavors. With mehndi, she found the perfect blend of artistic expression that is steeped in culture and tradition. Her business name, Divya Henna, serves as a reminder to see the Divine in all things, and to make all of her artistic creations a divine offering.

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Victoria Welch, Blurberrybuzz
Minneapolis St Paul, Minnesota


  • Khaleeji

  • Tone in binary color - an art theory exploration in henna

  • Gender Neutral Designs

  • Decoding the Strip

I first saw henna in 1996.  It was beautiful, amazing and fascinating.  I purposed to learn all I could about this art form.  I spent ten years, studying, learning, practicing and gaining experience.  In 2006, I made henna my profession.  I began a career doing something I am passionate about.  I’m honored to be a part of many South Asian and African weddings, working with top notch wedding planners like Mani Mela and Sunrise Styling.  I also enjoy my fairs and festivals, private appointments, and parties of all kinds, offering henna to all who desire it.  You can find me all over the Twin Cities and in Greater Minnesota bringing beauty to everyday life, one henna design at a time.

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Catherine Lent, Catherine Lent Design
Frenchtown, New Jersey


  • Practical Journaling for Artists 

  • Keeping it Clean: Gorgeous Radial Designs

  • Social Media for Creatives: Survive & (Maybe Even) Thrive

  • Holistic Henna: Giving & Receiving the Gifts of Henna

Catherine Lent earns her living making and teaching art along the Delaware River in Frenchtown, NJ.  Catherine is most excited about creating a rich life and helping others do the same through making real and energizing connections with community and self.  With a background in teaching literature, Catherine brings enthusiasm and warmth to the wide variety of creative expressions that make up her work life: natural henna body art, calligraphy, paper marbling, and design.  When she's not working, she's organizing a feminist girls' group in her neighborhood, practicing yoga, jogging along the river, or trying to find time to do all the fun and colorful things!   She lives with her husband, the poet John Smith, and daughter,  Stella "Sam" Lentsmith, a dedicated maker herself.

Hayley Sommers, Hennaesthetic 
Orem, Utah


  • Challenging Yourself and Your Art

  • Embroidery Inspired Designs

  • Art Nouveau

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

I have explored almost every artistic craft out there, but henna is what I fell in love with. I picked up a cone 5 years ago, and it changed my life. I often try many different styles and methods, but I tend to create floral designs inspired by Art Nouveau and embroidery. I am currently in school planning to major in Elementary Education, and will do Henna during the summers. I practice henna daily, and I know that this art form will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Rosemary May, Lady Glitter Entertainment 
Los Angeles, California


  • Patterns, Repetitions and Tessellations

  • Simple Islamic geometry, It's not impossible!

Rosemary May has been on the artists journey her entire life. She graduated from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn New York, where she acquired a Bachelors of Fine Art in Computer Graphics and Animation. Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, in 1997 Rosemary decided to move to Los Angeles to further her career in the entertainment industry. Between 2005 and 2010, the entertainment industry started outsourcing to artists overseas, and she began to look for other means of income. In 2007 she began a face and body art business. It wasn't until 2015 that she got her hands on a henna cone and has never regretted it! Because of her strong background in motion graphics and design, she is drawn toward interlacing geometric patterns that she now incorporates into her henna designs. She finds that she is a better problem solver then an artist, breaking apart pattens and finding better avenues of mapping out designs is her obsession and Rosemary loves to share this knowledge with the world.

Heather Viers, Zenith Henna


  • Sliptrailing: The Art of Henna-Style Pottery

  • Super Simple Mandalas

Heather is a Canadian artist who has been working with henna for over six years. Her henna journey began in 2012 at a teen workshop hosted by her local library. Her fascination with the art form lead her to starting her own henna booth at just 16. 

Her early passion for henna fed her passion for small business, and she is currently  studying Business Management in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. During the summers, she follows her dream of working as a henna artist at events throughout the BC interior. 

In addition to her experience with henna, Heather is a Production and Retail Assistant at Dog Patch Pottery in Crawford Bay, BC. At the studio, she offers working demos and explains the processes behind creating pottery to shop patrons.

Andell Wubbin, Art with Anndell
South Dakota


  • Breaking out of Traditional

  • Realistic Florals in Henna

  • Animals beyond the Peacock and Elephant

Anndell discovered her love for art at an early age, encouraged by her parents who were both musicians and art lovers. Pushed in her desire to learn about all things art, music, and photography related lead to a degree in the field of Graphic Design & in Photography. 
Having grown from a summer slinger to a successful business woman in South Dakota, 12 years later she is known for her realistic florals, and illustrative and tattoo-like styles both in henna as well as painting and drawings.

Leah Reddell, Face Fiesta & Denver Henna


  • So You Want to be a Henna Educator…

  • Henna Crowns

  • Fast Henna for the Teen Scene

  • Going Pro — Business 101

Leah has been a body artist since 2003, starting with face and body painting, and then diving into henna in 2007. Sixteen years later, over half of her business is from henna, and she loves the balance of all types of body art in her life and work!
She has trained with many amazing artists, and she has attended and taught at multiple face and body art conferences (FPBA, FABAIC, La Fete, and Polar Spring) since 2005. In February 2019, Leah launched February POSH (Practice Off Season Henna) to give henna artists incentive for fun, daily henna practice with the henna community all over the world.
She loves how henna is always a growing and changing art form — there is ALWAYS more to learn!

Nikki 'Cricket' Rettman, The Artful Cricket 
Canton, Ohio


  • Spice up Your Slow Season

Nikki has been working with henna as an art medium for the past 18 years.  She was first attracted to henna as a form of temporary body art, but truly fell in love after learning about its rich, 5,400-year-long, multicultural history that spans many countries over multiple continents.  

Nikki uses her own natural henna paste, mixed by hand with the safest, highest-quality ingredients, to apply beautiful temporary artwork to the skin.  She also uses the skills and techniques learned through years of working with henna and studying with other henna artists to create permanent artwork, and to ornament useful items in to bring beauty to every-day life.

Priyanka Jain, Henna Styles LLC 
Fairfield, Connecticut


  • Rajasthani Marwadi Indian Style

I am a Henna/Mehendi artist running a small business 'Henna Styles' in Fairfield, Connecticut. I grew up in India where I learned henna from my grandma, who was a famous henna artist in India. I started learning henna when I was 5 years old and have practiced it for the last 35 years. I’ve won numerous henna competitions in school, inter-school, college and other social gatherings.


I have taught henna at an orphanage in India and currently teach Minds-in-Motion henna classes through-out Connecticut. I began a YouTube channel last year where I share various henna designs, application techniques, henna materials, and cone preparation tutorials. 


I look forward to sharing my henna knowledge and passion at Henna Con 2019.

Nadine Dafrawy, The Henna Project 
Toronto, Canada


  • Instagram for Henna Artists: The Instagram Do's & Don'ts & How to Get Clients

I'm Nadine, a henna enthusiast with big dreams.

Some little known facts about me: avid chocolate eater, big Beatles fan former graphic designer and ultimate girl boss in the making. I've started my henna journey 4 years ago and there's no stopping now. I've managed to quit my stable corporate 9 - 5 job to pursue my henna career full-time. I've been super honoured to get published in an array of online magazines including: Indian Wedding Buzz, Shaadi Wish and the Toronto Star as well as performing a live henna demo on national TV and a live radio interview. I've devoted in teaching other artists how to grow their business using social media and effectively brand their business.

Wendy Rover, Roving Horse Henna 
Portland, Oregon


  • The Rhythm of Design

  • Sustainably Growing Your Business

  • Craft That!

  • Inclusion, Representation, Acknowledgement, Gratitude

Wendy Rover has been working with henna for 25 years and is the owner and principal artist at Roving Horse Henna. She is known for her pioneering work in western fusion design and henna focused editorial and concept photography. For Wendy, participating in the connection that henna forges between plant and person, past and present, between cultures, between one another, is the highlight of her work. It is a great honor for her to adorn her clients as they celebrate joy and special moments in their lives with henna.

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Michelle Schindler, An Affair to Remember
Detroit area, Michigan


  • Freehand Glitter Mehndi,  

  • HennaGlam (aka white henna)

  • Featured Demo's at the "Artist at Work" Station: Patio Glitter Cloud! Demos and sparkles on the patio

I started in the body art business roughly ten years ago and have not looked back since! 

My sister was called over to a friends house who received a henna kit as a gift. Her friend can't draw even a stick. I know, I've seen her stick!

My sister liked the henna so much she went to order more henna for herself. While searching the net and looking for henna products we discovered Henna Caravan and a brand new product with glue and glitter. We ordered it and when it arrived, covered each other with glitter and I've been covered in glitter ever since. Then one day we were at a festival and saw someone doing henna and face painting and thought,"Oh geez. That's awful. We can do better than that!" 

And so here we are now, it was like a snowball rolling down the hill, just gradually getting bigger and bigger all on it's own. I get so excited just before an event. I love my job and meeting new people and my having my creativity challenged.

Kim Brennan, Winnipeg Henna
Winnipeg, Canada


  • Master Class with Kim 

  • Featured Demo's at the "Artist at Work" Station: Q&A and demos 

I started at the age of 9 when my father brought home a book about Krishna. At first my 'henna' consisted of magic markers but eventually with a little help, I figured it out. My passion for mehndi is almost an obsession.


I've worked and studied hard to educate others and myself and to spread public awareness of the dangers of 'Black henna'. I split time between body painting, bridal henna services and teaching.

I love chatting about all aspects of henna and doing on the spot demonstrations. Come sit with me and I'll share tips, tricks and pointers from traditional bridal to geek and gamer designs.

Nimisha Lakhani, Henna Haven


  • Conference Coping Strategies

  • Mindset for the anxious artist

Nimisha is an ICNHA certified self taught henna artist who - despite loving henna since childhood - first discovered its therapeutic value in 2013 when she was suffering from post-natal depression after her second child. Henna became a mindfulness activity which helped her through some of the toughest times, and soon she was putting henna on candles and other items, which all led her down a deeply spiritual path. She completed her Reiki II course two years ago and immediately began infusing her paste with positivity, affirmations, and crystal and Reiki energy. The connection that henna application brings to two people who ordinarily may not have met, is something that fuels Nimisha's passion to bring joy, happiness and kindness to those around her. Nimisha has also loved Bollywood movies from a very young age and has showcased her dancing ability at many local events, as well as family weddings, where she often choreographs the routine. Nimisha has been working tirelessly to overcome the crippling anxiety that has plagued her throughout her life and has studied CBT principles in depth to help herself, and others, still follow their passions despite the condition.

Penni Al Zayer, The Henna Faerie
Hocking Hills Region of Ohio


  • History-Flavored Ornamental Designs

The Henna Faerie, Penni AlZayer, first experienced henna Fez, Morocco many years ago, and it was the start of a life-changing adventure.  She dabbled for years before finally beginning to treat her hobby as a business, and today Penni keeps a busy schedule of festivals, private appointments and events and teaching, and also directs dance and theatrical projects. She and her husband reside in a whimsical house in the woods in Southeastern Ohio, just minutes from the magical Hocking Hills region where prehistoric caves, waterfalls and hiking trails are a constant source of inspiration.

Henna Caravan Team 
Carissa, Flavia, Jessica and Annabelle McQueen
Camarillo, California

Jessica McQueen founded Henna Caravan in 1997 while in art college and has followed her henna passion all over the globe. She is a full time henna artist and supplier and has added two little babes to the team. She currently splits time between running Henna Caravan and Henna Con and being a momma.

Flavia McQueen has supported her daughter Jessica on her journey since the beginning days of gritty chunky sand filled henna and the first ugly henna practice designs. Flavia organized a ladies weekend at her home 12 years ago and that weekend has grown into HennaCon. We've grown out of the house, and have found a new home at a local boutique hotel that lets us take it over and make it our own special retreat for this one-of-a-kind weekend.

Carissa McQueen, Jessica's little sister began helping her with festivals when she was in her young teens! She's already got nearly 20 years under her belt with Henna Caravan. Carissa manages operational details for Henna Caravan and Henna Con and has been critical in managing the logistics for the conference. From hunting down just the right hotel for us to move to, to fun games, mixers, music and scheduling. Carissa handles many of the backend logistics for the conference. She is a scientist at heart and is a great problem solver - we are thrilled to have her guiding the conference.

Annabelle is Jessica's little bitty girl and has been to more henna conferences than she is years old! She loves helping at Henna Caravan HQ with shipping orders but her big thrill is being at the conference and seeing so many friends and henna family members. She's been working on her cones skills since she turned 1 and will gladly trade henna with you, just ask!