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© HennaCon/Henna Caravan

Photography © Liza James, 

David Brand, Danielle Segui, Andre Reinders 

Henna Con

Sponsored by

Henna Caravan

Hosted by Henna Caravan,

Flavia and Jessica McQueen


2018 Classes

Friday 9-10 AM Welcome Orientation

                  10:15-10:45 Morning Warm Ups


Joey Anderson, Mehndika Joey Henna

  • Cultivating Your Community

  • Magical Henna Vines

Krunal Tailor, Krunal Tailor Henna Artist

  • Glam Up Your Life - think in color. Advance Techniques

  • Bridals Decoded

Jamie Sawyer

  • Elements and Principles of design

  • Relax, It’s Only Henna

Darcy Vasudev, Henna Lounge

  • Secrets of Taking Beautiful Henna Photos

  • Composition and Your Authentic Voice

Melanie Ooi, Blue Lotus Henna

  • Pregnancy Henna

  • Booth like a Boss

  • Secrets of Taking Beautiful Henna Photos

  • Health for Henna Artists

Cora Fox, Flowerchild Henna

  • Intro to Jewelry Style Henna

  • No Design No Problem

  • Effective and Meaningful Practice

Carissa McQueen, Henna Caravan

  • Social Media Calendar, build your brand

Catherine Lent

  • Just One Word - Letter a Beautiful Mantra

  • Patterns with Purpose - Use the Trends to Good Ends

  • Getting & Giving: Gratitude for the Gifts of Henna

Flavia McQueen, Henna Caravan

  • Cone Rolling​

Jessica McQueen, Henna Caravan

  • Jagua, Product Options, Mixology & Demos

  • Henna Mixology Part 1: Ingredients & Basic Mixing

  • Henna Mixology Part 2: completing your paste, consistency check, mystery cones and questions

Nimisha Parekh, Mehndi Cultr

  • Romancing the Lines & Dots with Kolam (Sikku & Padi)

  • Warli Henna

  • Eastern, Aztec & Traditional Henna Designs

Leah Baker Reddell, Face Fiesta

  • Henna Crowns

  • Fast Henna for the Teen Scene

  • Going Pro -- Business 101

  • The Eyes Have It

Michelle Schindler, An Affair to Remember

  • Demo's throughout the weekend at the "Artist at Work Station"

  • Glitter Mehndi or Freehand Glitter Tattoo

  • HennaGlam or White Henna

Penni Al Zayer, Henna Faerie 

  • Celebrate Curves with Art Nouveau ‎

  • Persian-style Figural Art

  • Capturing the Likeness: Realistic Portraits ‎


Victoria Welch, Blurberry Buzz 

  • Tone in binary color - an art theory exploration in henna

  • Khaleeji Gulf Style

  • Fast & Furious in 3-5 Elements

Wendy Rover, Rovinghorse Henna

  • Artist at Work Station, demos and chat

Prashanta, Divya Henna

  • Back to Basics

Olena Wilshanetsky

  • Mystical Math and Mehndi

  • Hutsul motifs for henna

Tamara Brown, Opal Moon Henna

  • Symbolism for Meaningful and Cohesive Design

  • SHIELDS UP! Energy and Henna

Deborah Brommer

  • ICNHA Study Group

  • ICNHA Exam

  • Floral Themes​

Himadri Sinha

  • Branding 101 for the Henna Artist

  • Monuments, Statues & Indian Palaces - An inspiration for the Henna Artist

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HennaCon is sponsored and hosted by Henna Caravan

All materials and supplies used through out the weekend are donated by Henna Caravan

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