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Photography © Liza James, 

David Brand, Danielle Segui, Andre Reinders 

Henna Con

Sponsored by

Henna Caravan

Hosted by Henna Caravan,

Flavia and Jessica McQueen


Call for Instructors

Applications are due by February 15, 2019
For 11 years we’ve been blessed to be able to offer classes from the world's best instructors, with unique visions and styles. We want to continue this trend by bringing together the most passionate and talented team of henna professionals from around the globe. 


Do you know someone that would be an excellent instructor? Someone with incredible skill? Something unique to share? Let them know (and send us a message too!) that you'd love to see them teach at HennaCon.

Henna Con is a henna-centric conference, but there is room for interesting body-art related projects and other media. If you wish to be a conference instructor, please submit your course proposals here before February 15, 2019. Henna Caravan staff is always available to answer your questions and help you design your course to best suit the Henna Con format.


  • Instructors are chosen based on the subject of your class, your skill and professionalism, experience and quality of proposal and portfolio. Past participation is not a guarantee that your course will be accepted.

  • While classes for all levels are offered at HennaCon, we are specifically looking for a number of ADVANCED courses.

  • Henna Caravan covers the basics such as henna mixology, beginning shapes, and cone rolling. Please do not apply for these classes as your application will not be considered.

  • We are looking for proposals based on some aspect of henna artistry, craft, history, or use. If your submission is not henna related, we regret our schedule can not accommodate.

  • A 5 person jury panel reviews all submissions for quality content, teacher expertise, and overall fit within the HennaCon schedule.

  • If you would like to see an example of a successful proposal, click this link. Material is copyrighted and all rights reserved. 

Timeline & Requirements
Deadlines are accurate as of publication date, but may change prior to final teaching decisions.
February 15, 2019   Applications Due
March 1                  HC Final review of submissions and notice will be sent of acceptance to applicants
March 5                  Contracts and Rider to be sent to 2019 Instructors
March 10                Signed Contracts due back to HC
March 10                Materials from Instructors due:
  • Instructor Head Shot 
  • Sample Photos to promote class topics
  • Instructor Bio
May 15                    Instructors to book their hotel
May 15                    Instructors to book their airfare (the earlier the better!)
June 1                      Materials for Resource Book due (class notes)
October 17             Instructor arrival to HennaCon, by 10:00 am Thursday for a team workshop, welcome and tech check
October 20/21       Instructors depart for home (Sunday night or Monday), after an incredible weekend!

Is this a Paid Position?
We aim to provide all teachers with at least a small stipend but please consider this a volunteer position, with a little bonus. Depending on your position, this may include funds to assist with accommodation and travel. An example of previous years' compensation is as follows:

Lead Instructors teach 3-5 classes and up to 3 (30 minute) break-out sessions

  • Waived conference fee, $375.00

  • Travel Stipend

  • Airport Transfer Stipend

  • Accommodation Thursday-Saturday Night, 4 persons per room with two queen beds

  • Meal Stipend for all non-catered meals

Guest Instructors, teach 1-3 classes and up to 2 (30 minute) break-out sessions

  • $50 Stipend

  • $50 Store Credit


A Note About Schedules

All teachers are requested to be on site Thursday morning at 10:00am (or earlier) and remain through the end of classes on Sunday. We recommend arrival on Wednesday, and departing on Monday. 

A teacher meeting will be held on Thursday morning to help us all get acquainted and do a tech-check, followed by an evening Mixer Meet & Greet with other attendees. Teachers are expected to be available during the entirety of the conference weekend. If you cannot commit to the full duration, please let us know at the time you apply.


This weekend is truly a team effort. It could not happen without the dedication and effort of the amazing teachers/artists that volunteer to teach and be a part of this amazing, invigorating, exhausting and inspiring weekend.

We are asking you to be available to students through-out the weekend and be ready and willing to jump in, be present, and approachable. Our motto for the conference is “Working Together for Mutual Success”. We take that as a goal and a challenge!

HennaCon is 100% not-for-profit. 100% of registration fees are used directly on the event. All HC staff hours, materials, and supplies for the weekend are donated by Henna Caravan. Currently, the only people to receive any cash payment or remuneration are instructors.

I'm ready to teach at HennaCon 2019...