a bit about the HennaCon experience

Sunny Days​

We have a late summer and will be enjoying its last few weeks during  HennaCon. 

October weather is warm, cold, sunny, foggy, dry and windy, and occasionally some drizzle. 

We are near the coast so we have cool/cold nights and possibly warm/hot or cool days in October.

Bring layers and a pair of flip-flops. Some classes  and lots of hang-out time will be  outside, so be prepared with sunscreen and a sweatshirt. 


Breakfast included with hotel room booking.

Lunch you are free to arrange yourself:

- Grab a bite at the hotel Pub

- Order a Boxed Lunch $12 at the HennaCon Reg Table, to be delivered to Palm I

- Enjoy a local restaurant.

Feel free to bring snacks or groceries.

Every hotel room has a mini fridge and microwave. The hotel is located next to a grocery store & several restaurants. 


Drawing, practicing, and general inquisitiveness during classes is encouraged.

Hands On Practice!

Skill building, paste making, cone rolling, oh my!

Watch and chat while pro's demo and apply henna at dedicated demo stations.

Practice on fellow attendees! Be brave, we all need to practice and nothing beats real skin.


Complimentary dinner Friday and Saturday

We come together and share dinner 'family style'. A carefully crafted buffet menu suits religious observances as well as major dietary restrictions


Suitable for vegetarian and vegan, gluten-free friendly and a chicken option​.

* If you have severe dietary restrictions please plan accordingly. Meals are flexible and suitable for *most people*.


Henna Caravan will provide ALL the supplies necessary for the weekend!

No outside henna paste products, etc are allowed due to safety, insurance  & liability reasons. This insures that all henna used during the event is of the highest quality possible and made with excellent and safe ingredients.

Are there special supplies you MUST HAVE to henna happily? Bring them along!

binder clips, lap desk/pillow, lamp/light for evening work in dim light

syringe, jacquard or luer bottles​


Henna Caravan 

Pop-Up Shop

We'll move the entire store to HennaCon and will be open all weekend if you need to grab something, we've got you covered!

You'll have a chance to see, touch, and chat about all our products. 

Conference specials and of course a chance to stock up for the year and save on shipping.

Signature Color

This years color is SUNFLOWER


Every year we choose a theme color! We use it for t-shirts, decorations, and fun little extras. Lots of people even dress in the special color!


Well... as a creative, Jessica has always used a color coded organizing system for files, projects, even the organizing her closet. HennaCon computer files have always had a yearly color change and over time that has carried over to the event itself.


It's become a fun part of the weekend to choose a new dress or two that matches! Maybe your mani and pedi too!


Saturday night raffle

Donations accepted

Up-cycle, saris, shalwar kameez, art, clever creations, thoughtful makes. We welcome anything you wish to share! And it's of course completely optional and totally fun.

Henna Caravan donates several large baskets to the raffle and over the years the instructors have begun donating lovely artworks and items and now even return attendees have started to donate!


Connect up with other attendees!

Arrange ride shares to and from the airport, hotel roommates, a hiking buddy or yoga pal.

Ask questions and get to know some of the crew that’s teaching at this amazing weekend! 

We are a friendly group, jump in and join the fun.

It’s strongly recommended to coordinate with other henna trekkers.

To the Airport

Burbank Airport is a small and EASY airport with quick security lines, convenient parking and the Amtrak Train Station is in the parking lot. It’s a  50 minute drive to Newbury Park. Burbank Airport for ease and efficiency can't be beat!

LAX Los Angeles International Airport is a large and busy international airport. The airfare may be cheaper and there's probably better options for international and east coast flyers. Be prepared to battle city traffic (up to 2 to 3 hours during rush hour). LAX suggests a 2-3 hour early check for departures.

Santa Barbara is small and EASY to fly in and out of. A lovely 60 minute drive along the coast to Newbury Park. May be expensive.

Airport > Hotel

Ride Sharing is the most convenient option. Get picked up at the airport curb and dropped off at the hotel. Don't forget to book your return ride too! 

Uber or Lyft 

Surge pricing may apply.

From LAX Airport $60-$110

From Burbank $50-$100 

SmartShuttle  share vanpool 


Rent a Car

This gives you flexibility to explore and hit the beach or do a hike in our canyons.

Split with other attendees and keep costs low!


Train service from the airports takes a bit  of effort but is cheap. Check the schedule before booking your flight!

Amtrak Train from Burbank

Train Sched

Runs 4 times daily

1. Walk to the train station in the airport parking,

2. Then take train to Camarillo.

3. Uber the 10 minute drive to Palm Garden in Newbury Park.

Amtrak Train from LAX 

Amtrak Train Sched

runs 5 times daily

Transportation Info

1. Take LAX Flyaway bus to Union Station Metrolink

2. Then take train to Camarillo.

3. Uber the 10 minute drive to Palm Garden in Newbury Park.


We are immensely proud of the talented artists that have joined with us to create not just an amazing weekend but an amazing community.

The Instructors at Henna Con are professional artists, researchers or business owners in the body art field that graciously give their time, energy, and knowledge.

They donate time, energy and expertise to this weekend. Please respect that many have traveled a long distance as well and will need breaks and down time to rest or enjoy learning at the conference too!

I Wanna Teach

Open call for instructors!

Please submit your application with all pertinent details, title, course synopsis, and your qualifications, deadline is February.

We have a stringent review process with a 5 person panel. Professionalism, dedication, and expertise are critical. We will compare your proposal to our current offerings, and review your portfolio/website/facebook gallery. The most qualified, well-prepared, unique and professional individuals will be chosen to present at the conference. Preference is given to past instructors and community members that have spent time and energy supporting the community. 


HennaCon is run solely on a volunteer basis. If you are interested in volunteering and helping to support this amazing community event please message us, We are just 3 people trying to pull this off!

We love to have a nice big list of 'helpers' to get everything done Wednesday-Sunday night.

Gift basket assembly, dessert servers, decorating committee, cone rollers, etc.

If you're the type that likes to be a part of the team and is willing to donate a few . hours of your time - let us know. 

Work for trade

Positions are filled

We offer 2 work for trade positions for the weekend.

These are reserved for repeat attendees that understand the huge task we need help with.

This event runs on love and bossy women volunteering time and energy.

*All staff are volunteer, there are no paid positions.